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Hoffman Estates
Professional Fire Fighter's Association, Local 2061
Scholarship Application
Email Address:
Phone Number:
High School:
School extra-curricular activities:
Hobbies outside of school:
College you plan on attending:
Planned Field of study in college:

Please choose one of the following topics and write 300 – 500 about it:

1 - Describe a time you acted selflessly, expecting nothing in return.

2 - Describe a time you had to overcome adversity and what it taught you.

3 - Describe the attributes of a good role model and name one person, in your life, that fits that description.

4 - Empathy is an important attribute for 1st responders. Give your personal take on what empathy means and describe an incident where you employed empathy.

Please choose one of the following topics and write 300 – 500 about it:

1 – Research the events of September 11th and write a letter to one of the 343 first responders telling them how you will honor them as a first responder.

2 – Research a topic in the Fire Service or EMS such as apparatus, equipment, historic event, traditions, or anything of your choice related to the field and write about what you learned. 

3 – Reach out to a first responder and talk with them. Write about your conversation and what you learned from him/her. (If you don’t know one personally, contact Hoffman Estates Fire Administration and request a contact).

Application Deadline: April 22nd, 2021

Hoffman Estates Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 2061
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